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Account management

Post by Collin29 »

For the website, I have a few suggestions for accounts.
One of them being a profile picture. What better way to represent yourself?
Maybe a little bio you can add under your name, kinda like the status' in Discord.
My next idea would be to have the option to change your Email address.
You will need another verification email, but it could be useful if you ever get a new Email. And lastly, the option to delete your account.
Well, these are just suggestions, it doesn't matter to me if you add them or not. Good luck with LibreSprite!
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Re: Account management

Post by Perry Hugh »

You already can via User Control Panel->Profile->Whatever Setting.

To access the control panel, click the downward arrow to the right of your name. This can be found at the top right of the forum page, under the search bar.

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Re: Account management

Post by lindaperryly »

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